Tips & Tricks #13

How is sustainble design created and what will future dishwashers look like?

Of course, designing and developing new products requires technical competence but also a lot of curiosity and sensitivity. Recently, Wexiödisk launched a new combi dishwasher, the WD-12S. Our designer, Andreas Norviit, was one of the driving forces behind the project. 

We ask Andreas how he designs dishwashers of the future, what is important and what challenges there are? 


- The customer’s experience is very important to me, as well as functionality and environmental impact. These are the two things that are most important throughout the product life cycle. It is also important to be aware of current trends and trying to find better solutions than before.

- Functions that improve the ergonomics for the user in the washroom or functions that reduce water consumption are just a couple of examples of what my colleagues and I focus on when designing dishwashers.

- Wexiödisk has always believed that every new dishwasher should be better than its predecessor. This continues to be our motto for all new product development.


The future dishwashers

- What will the dishwashers of the future look like? Well, one thing for certain is that dishwashers will generally be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. I believe that sustainable, quality dishwashers are the future, but it is also important to be open to market views. There are many challenges in a washroom and it is important to have ergonomic, hygienic solutions for the staff who work there.


Simplicity is important

- I think it is important not to overcomplicate things that should be simple. Our founders started Wexiödisk in 1972 and decided to make the world's best dishwashers. Machines that would be easy to maintain, robust and long lasting. They were ahead of their time in terms of developing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Little did they know that circular economy and Life cycle cost would be on everyone's lips today. We are proud to follow in their footsteps when it comes to simplicity, robustness and reducing energy and water consumption.

"By combining good functions with quality components, a long-term perspective and durability is created. We may not have the cheapest dishwashers on the market, but calculated over time, they are very competitive."


Our choice of components 

Our purchasing department works closely with our subcontractors to find the best materials. In addition to this, we also produce an extensive range of metal components that provide strength and flexibility for our customers.

In our new WD-12S combi dishwasher, the strainers and wash arms are made of stainless steel and the washing compartment has as few joints as possible to achieve the best possible hygiene. (In the picture Magnus Titusson, CEO)


You can read more about how Wexiödisk works with sustainability here.