Tips & Tricks #10

Wexiödisk's Area Sales Manager, Per-Anders Johansson looks after the company's international markets (Asia, Australia and the Middle East). One of the most important questions for many customers is how to save energy in the washroom and find the most cost-effective solution.


We ask Per-Anders for his best tips.

"Well, first of all I think it is very important to focus on this question. Our products are famous for being very cost- efficient and environmentally friendly. All our products have a system for heat recovery that we call ECO-FLOW, which prevents the heat from escaping into the wash room and heats up the incoming cold water at the same time. Therefore, the ECO-FLOW system saves money and also improves the working environments for the user."


If you are planning to invest in a new dishwasher here are 6 tips to save energy in the washroom and to get best value:


1. Whenever possible, run your warewasher always fully loaded, whether you use a hood type or a flight type machine.

2. Always invest in a fully insulated machine. 

3. Reuse warm, 'waste' water to pre-rinse your dishes.

4. Invest in a system that is appropriate for the capacity of your venue.

5. Look out for machines with heat recovery to convert steam into energy.

6. Use a rack type machine that has a control system to avoid washing or rinsing any empty spaces.


If you need further assistance or more information about suitable products, we are happy to help.


Per-Anders Johansson

Area Sales Manager