The International Hotel Killarney invests in a complete warewashing system

Constructed in the mid 1800s and established as a hotel back in 1906, the family-run luxury hotel has gone from strength-to-strength, becoming one of the most loved hotels for tourists to stay, eat and drink in the whole of Killarney. 

With five separate dining and drinking rooms to choose from – each of which offers a unique setting for casual, formal or event catering, the need for The International Hotel to use the very best solutions is apparent. This includes using a top of the range Wexiödisk rack conveyor system – one that would tick all the boxes as Ciara O’Halloran, Project Manager at Combico Ltd outlines:


“We specified the Wexiodisk WD-151+PRM to The International Hotel in Killarney given that it is an all-year-round busy hotel with an equally busy kitchen. The WD-151+PRM not only has a great capacity, helping the hotel to keep on top of dishwashing tasks with minimal porters, but this ultra-green solution also helps the hotel to make significant savings through their energy and water supply.”




Capable of washing 70-150 baskets in a single hour in a sustainable way, the WD-151 with smart ECO-FLOW heat-recovery has allowed The International Hotel Killarney to significantly speed up their operation, whilst reducing costs, as the hotel’s Head Chef, Krzyz Bogdanowicz enthuses:

“ The Wexiodisk WD-151 offers a far superior solution to what we were using before and we are able to work in a super quick and simplified way whilst reducing our energy spend. The quality of the washed dishes, plates and cutlery is now far superior too - always completely dry meaning they are ready to use as soon as they leave the dishwasher.”


Together with the WD-151, Combico also specified Wexiödisk’s patented PRM (Pre-Rinse System). This revolutionary solution effectively pre-rinses items loaded through the machine with recycled, chemically enriched water, therefore eradicating the need to rinse manually with a traditional overhead spray, as Krzyz goes onto explain: 


“With the PRM, our porters do not need to pre-rinse by hand. Instead, they simply push the basket into the PRM. The machine then automatically takes care of the rinsing process with jets above and below which effectively removes even the toughest of stains. The baskets are then automatically fed through to the WD-151 where the final wash is taken care of, always to a consistently high standard.”




It's not just the life of the porter that has improved since The International Hotel Killarney invested in a Wexiödisk system. The waiting staff have also noticed the benefit, as Combico specified a Wexiödisk drop-table and by combining a Wexiödisk rack conveyor with a PRM and drop-table, Combico has allowed The International Hotel to dramatically improve dish-washing results, speed-of-service and the worker experience – all whilst reducing dishwashing times as well as energy and water usage. For head chef Krzyz, it’s been “lifechanging”:


“I would absolutely recommend the Wexiodisk WD-151+PRM to other hotel operators. It’s changed our life, changed our wash-up area, and made dishwashing far easier and quicker.”


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Combico Ltd specified the WD-151+PRM+Drop Table to the International Hotel Killarney in February 2022. They offer a full catering equipment service, from design and planning, right through to commissioning, on-site training and after-sales service. For more information, please visit