Spring time means holidays

The following dates we will be closed or have lower staffing


  • On Friday, May 6th, we celebrate our 50th anniversary by taking a staff trip. This means that no deliveries will be made on Friday, May 6 from Wexiödisk.
  • Thursday 26th of May is Ascension Day and Wexiödisk is closed.
  • Friday 27th of May is an established day and Wexiödisk is closed.
  • Monday 6th of June is Sweden's national day and Wexiödisk is closed.
  • Friday 24th of June is Midsummer's Eve and Wexiödisk is closed.
  • Wexiödisk's production is closed for holidays on week 28, 29, 30.
  • The order and sales department is open week 28 but closes week 29 and 30. 

During the holidays, Service & Support is open every weekday between 8 - 16 (lunch 12-13) for technical telephone support and spare parts deliveries. Phone numbers that apply during this time are +46 470-771268 or email