Hygienic with less polishing

“Ask any bar or front of house member of staff, and they will tell you that polishing glassware by hand is a long and laborious task, which if not carried out properly, can lead to poor glassware results.


This is of course problematic for any bar, particularly from a customer satisfaction point of view... after all, would customers want to return to a bar that serves drinks in merky or stained glasses?


Hygienic with less polishing

With Wexiödisk's brand new hood-type glasswashing range, however, bars can guarantee sparkling glassware results every-time. Plus, they will be able to completely eradicate the need for glassware to be polished by hand... But how?... By combining expertly developed glassware specific technology with our brand-new GLASS-Tilt function - that's how!


Unique Glass-Tilt function

The unique GLASS-Tilt function angles the basket during final rinse stage of the cycle and allows water to evenly run down the outside of each glass, allowing for spotless glassware results without the requirement for hand-polishing. By the flick of a switch, the warewasher can also be used to clean dirty dishes for extra versatility.



Exceptionally low water consumption with the DUPLUS-system

For operators that are also looking to minimise their water consumption at the same time as improving their glassware standards, then we'd recommend investing in our additional DUPLUS technology option which uses just 1 - 1.5 litre of fresh water per wash cycle - clever right?" 

This patented rinsing technology DUPLUS uses considerably less clean water than traditional final rinsing systems.

TheDUPLUS technology only uses as little as 1 - 1.5 litres of fresh water per wash cycle - a remarkably small amount of water, and yet guarantees a perfect dishwashing results.

The low water consumption combined with extremely low consumption of chemicals and electricity, makes the option of the DUPLUS- technology, the perfect choice for the modern commercial kitchen.


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