Sparkling washing result inspite of oil and vinegar

Located in the shelter of Southampton Water, and right in the heart of the Ocean Village Marina in Southampton, Blue Jasmine is a fine dining restaurant specialising in refined and imaginative Southeast Asian cuisine. The Executive Chef, Daren Liew, has 25 years’ experience in Cantonese and Asian cuisine at the highest level and has handcrafted a unique menu concept of Southeast Asian inspiration combined with local Hampshire ingredients.

“As the executive chef, my main responsibility is to design the menu and develop dishes ensuring variety and exceptional quality throughout. The menu is a sharing concept and features several signature dishes that have become famous within our restaurant.”


We use a lot of spices, sauces and oils in our cooking which can be tough to remove. This is why we need a dishwasher that ensures everything comes out sparkling and is ready to serve immediately to our customers. The WD-12 is the perfect choice for us because it is so powerful and reliable. Due to the adjustable washing pressure of the WD-12, we can easily tackle any wash load no matter how heavily soiled the contents is.”



The importance of an environmentally friendly dishwasher

In order to serve expertly prepared and plated dishes, it is important to have an efficient and powerful dishwasher that provides exceptional results, Daren continues:

“With such high numbers and a focus on pristine presentation, it was crucial that we chose a dishwasher that was both highly effective and provided extremely consistent results. Wexiödisk is also renowned for their environmental credentials and energy saving technologies which provides us with the reassurance that we are doing everything we can to be environmentally considerate in the kitchen.” 




Your local dealer

HCE Foodservice Equipment supported Blue Jasmine through the entire purchasing process, from choosing the right model to installation and ongoing support when needed. A valued partner of Wexiödisk, HCE has a passion for finding bespoke solutions that meet the needs of all end-users and prides themselves in delivering the very best service,” Daren concludes: 

“The installation process with HCE was quick, easy and most importantly, didn’t interrupt the restaurant service. Everything was measured beforehand which ensured that the installation on the day was as smooth as possible.”



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