Say goodbye to mash and liquor stain with the help of Wexiödisk

A queue of customers wrapped around the corner is always a good indicator as to how good the food at a venue is, especially if the restaurant has been consistently working their way through these queues for over 60 years. 


The heritage of G.Kelly’s is a key part of the business. We like to stick to tradition, serving artisan pie, mash, and liquor – foods which we proudly make entirely from scratch, on site, using only local produce. 


Time-consuming and inefficient

Due to the starchy nature of mash and liquor in particular, finding a solution which could effectively remove these stains proved difficult. In fact, when using our previous warewasher model, we would often have to run the plates through the machine numerous times in order to get decent results! This was not only time-consuming, but extremely inefficient.


"However, since switching to a Wexiödisk warewashing system (WD-6+PRM), stained plates are no longer an issue! This is largely thanks to the automatic pre-rinsing process which alleviates the messy and time-consuming task of pre-rinsing by hand whilst also guaranteeing food waste is cleared off each plate load after load.” 



Astonishing savings

Designed to help operators cut costs with a clear conscious, Wexiodisk’s ultra-sustainable PRM allows operators to save an astonishing 9,000 kwh of energy, 200 litres of often environmentally damaging chemicals per year and 200,000 litres of water.

These astonishing savings were ones that blew Neil away when he first discovered the Swedish brand at a UK foodservice exhibition:




- We were first introduced to Wexiödisk’s UK Country Manager – David Glover – at a UK foodservice exhibition. Here, David gave us an overview of the products, USP’s and benefits of a Wexiödisk warewashing system... I was truly amazed, not just by the astounding savings outlined, but by the clear build quality. The cherry on the top was certainly the competitive price!


One order down and an exceptionally smooth installation day later, G.Kelly’s chosen Wexiödisk warewashng system was up, running and simplifying warewashing processes for the pie shop’s catering team:

- The WD-6+PRM is extremely easy to use! Our staff particularly like the automatic hood function… after all, the only thing the user needs to do is slide the baskets into the machine, and the rest is automatically taken care of! Another massive plus-point of working with Wexiödisk is the unique customer service offered, all our requirements were fulfilled. It is rare to meet a Country Manager that will personally oversee the entire order process from start to finish.




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