Press release - Wexiödisk launches undercounter WD-4S with softener


Swedish warewashing manufacturer, Wexiödisk, is set to help UK operators overcome hard-water issues having launched a brand-new built-in-softener.


Available as an option with the brand’s popular WD-4S undercounter model, Wexiödisk’s built-in-softener effectively prevents limescale from building in the machine, therefore improving wash quality, maintaining machine longevity and reducing cleaning requirements.

This is achieved by automatically removing damaging minerals – such as magnesium and calcium -  from the water supply in medium-to-hard water areas in which many UK regions are classed as. In fact, the drive to develop this option came directly from UK customers operating in hard-water areas as David Glover, UK & Ireland Country Manager for Wexiödisk, goes on to detail:

“Hard water isn’t an issue that Nordic countries commonly experience, hence why a built-in-softener had never been developed by Wexiödisk before. Having said that, the UK is now a key market for Wexiödisk, hence why we are so delighted to be directly addressing customer requests for a limescale busting solution with our built-in-softener option.


When investing in WD-4S model with built in softener, UK operators in medium-hard water areas can be confident that limescale issues that they’d previously experience are a meer thing of the past.”


To find out more about the new WD-4S with built in softener for the UK or Irish market, please contact or visit to find your dealer.



Issued on behalf of Wexiödisk by:
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