No lockdown in Sweden means good delivery capability

UK dealers turn to Swedish manufacturer’s as ‘business as usual’ approach to pandemic has ensured good stock levels

Whilst the rest of Europe has gone into lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, Sweden has, rightly or wrongly, employed a vastly different approach which has meant that manufacturing has been able to continue virtually as normal, leading to little or no impact on stock and supply.  Consequently, manufacturer’s such as warewashing specialist, Wexiödisk, has been busy not only fulfilling current customer demands, but also responding to new enquiries from both within Europe and across the world.


Magnus Tituson, Managing Director of Wexiödisk explains:

“Due to the very different approach employed by the Swedish government compared to the rest of Europe, Wexiödisk has been able to maintain both manufacturing and supply to not only our current customers but also to a host of new operators. We have been closely monitoring the high areas of demands within the UK and other countries and have prioritised delivery to those sectors such as  hospitals, care homes and other public sector venues who  need us the most during this time. We have adapted our production schedule in order to stock-build, in order to satisfy the needs of customers that require a warewasher immediately.”


This pro-active approach to production and impressive immediacy of delivery is one that many UK dealers are vouching for, particularly Bruce Dance, Managing Director of IDS Catering Equipment Specialist, who recently turned to Wexiödisk in order to fulfil a urgent order for a high profile, public sector venue:

“I was recently approached by a customer who needed their existing rack-conveyor replaced. They also requested that the supply and installation of their made-to-order warewasher needed to be complete within 6-8weeks – a fairly short time frame given the current pandemic. With Wexiödisk, however, we were able to fulfil the customer’s request within the short time with absolutely no problems – from start to end, the process was absolutely seamless! 

With Wexiödisk, we feel confident that we can guarantee the high standards that IDS are renowned for.”


Wexiödisk currently have good stock of standard undercounter and hood machines. Other machines and bespoke orders made by UK customers are also being fulfilled within the brands usual, short 4-6 week time frame.


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