Meet our Head of personnel Camilla Andersson

The daily duties of our Head of personnel Camilla Andersson has changed since the Corona pandemic... In this interview, we find out how these new duties and directives have affected her work in recent months...

- Well, my work has changed a lot, especially since the currant situation is not one that anyone can directly prepare for. It is therefore important that we handle the corona crisis as professionally as possible by following the directives issued by the Public Health Authority.

- We are spending extra time listening to the concerns of individual employees and we have set guidelines for how we act in different situations. It is also important to handle the situation as calmly and objectively as possible so that we do not to create panic, rumors and unnecessary concern.


What is the situation at Wexiödisk right now?

- Right now the situation here at Wexiödisk is calm and stable, and in our production, we have not seen any major decline or decrease. Instead, we have see​n a redistribution from one product group to another. At the same time, we need to have a plan and prepare for if people become ill or if turnover starts to fall.


Are there any concrete changes for the staff at Wexiödisk?

- We are using this time as an opportunity to develop employees' competence, for example by increasing the knowledge of more people on different machines, performing improvement projects and learning more about product flows and electricity. The goal is to get out of the crisis without losing staff and skills, and to get there, we are reviewing costs, investments, recruitments etc. Plus, we are investing in the competent and dedicated staff that Wexiödisk already has.


Your profession is responsible and important in these times. How do you handle your own challenge?

- In times like these, you must be flexible, take one week at a time and be humble for the future.