Make your next choice environmentally friendly

Wexiödisk has always had a strong focus on creating washrooms that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. With this in mind, we have taken the important step of introducing ECO labelling for our dishwashers.


This labelling divides the machines into four different levels: ECO-FLOW, DUPLUS, PRM, and ERGONOMICS. Each level represents an important characteristic that is crucial for creating a sustainable and efficient washroom.


1. ECO-FLOW is all about saving energy. Wexiödisk's dishwashers are designed to reduce energy consumption through smart heat recovery. With ECO-FLOW, you can be sure that you have a dishwasher that is both energy-efficient and effective.

2. DUPLUS is all about saving water. Water is one of our most valuable resources. By integrating innovative Duplus technology into their dishwashers, water consumption is reduced, and this important resource is saved.

3. PRM is all about saving time and water. Time is another important resource in a dishwasher, especially in a hectic environment where there is a lot to do. By using Wexiödisk's PRM pre-rinse machine, both time and water are saved. With a pre-rinse machine connected to your hoodtype dishwasher or rack conveyor dishwasher, you get a fast, efficient, and sustainable flow in the wash room, which gives more time for other work in the kitchen.

4. ERGONOMICS is all about creating a safe working environment for staff. Dishwashers can be a potential source of work-related injuries if they are not designed with the staff in mind. Wexiödisk's dishwashers are ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of work-related injuries and thus create a safe and healthy working environment.


Together, these four characteristics form a perfect combination to create a good, efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly washroom. The ECO labelling gives customers the opportunity to make a conscious choice if they want to invest in a dishwasher that is both sustainable and efficient.



We continue to work to create innovative, environmentally friendly, and efficient solutions for washrooms around the world.