Izakaya Moshi – a love of Japanese cuisine

“We wanted the people of Växjö to have a Japanese restaurant serving food with clean flavours and beautiful colours.” 

Izakaya, which means ‘slink in’ in Japanese, seats 70, and the restaurant has received numerous accolades, including a listing in White Guide 2016. 


There are no secrets in the open kitchen. The restaurant’s sole purpose is to convey a love of Japan’s fantastic cuisine. Izakaya moshi uses locally produced ingredients from farms in the surrounding area. 

“We have also been incredibly lucky in employing excellent staff, both for front of house duties and in the kitchen. Our chefs are extremely creative, and enjoy experimenting and developing our food concept, enabling us to constantly surprise our diners with new colours, shapes and flavours. A complete experience that focuses on food – it’s that simple!” 


Just recently the restaurant invested in a new undercounter dishwasher from Wexiödisk, a WD-4S. 
“It is soooo good and soooo clean! The flow in the bar has changed completely, and we can keep dirty dishes out of the sinks. Everything is much more hygienic,” says Sandra. “We opted for a glasswasher model, with two special glass washing baskets. The glasses are tilted in the basket, which leaves them drier after washing. We also don’t need to wipe any water marks from them. We use the machine to wash other bar accessories, too. 

“As the WD-4S is located in the bar, it is important for it to operate silently. There’s no unnecessary rattling from this dishwasher. We chose Wexiödisk because we already have a WD-6, which is older than me!” concludes Sandra.