Delivery information from our CEO

SAFE deliveries from us!

After a nice Easter holiday, Wexiödisk are now back on and are here to help and support you/your business. For Wexiödisk, it is time to show that we live as we learn by being flexible, family-friendly and smart…. This is what we mean by Swedish Brilliance!

As CEO, it is very gratifying to see that the organization is working so well despite the current situation. We are producing and delivering dishwashers without delays, have low sick leave and a good purchasing process.

Now we have to test our FLEXIBILITY

We have built up good stock of single tank machines meaning we can quickly and easily deliver these units as soon as a customer calls or emails.

This speed of service is imperative for many businesses that are currently using this time to replace old dishwashers with new models, particularly undercounters and rack conveyors.

Now we have to test our COMPETENCE

If you currently need support with a project, big or small, we are, as always, here to help. Our sales staff guide you to the right solution for your customers specific needs.

Our team are also on hand to provide tips and advice regarding service and maintenance of existing machines. We can also send spare parts kit with immediate delivery. Contact us at or visit our website and read under the service tab.

Now we talk about HYGIENE

Our machines have many good hygienic advantages: something that is particularly crucial during these times where hygiene is under full focus. The list of our smart hygiene solutions is extensive, but here are some examples and tips to consider:

  • New glass dishwasher with tilt function - minimal polishing and contact with glasses

  • Cutlery sorter - no fingers on clean cutlery

  • PRM - minimal contact with dirty dishes

  • Rack conveyors - easy to clean with removable doors etc

  • WD-4S – features a door which can be places into a hygiene position, plus smooth internal surfaces, etc.

Together we create the WEXIÖDISK FAMILY

We want to be a safe and long-term partner during the emerging situation – a goal that will give us an even better foundation once the corona crisis is over. But it is together that we become strong. We always welcome customer feedback and ideas as these can form an important foundation for the entire Wexiödisk family!



Magnus Titusson