Hygiene - Important for a Michelin Star restaurant

The concept is well-known outside Sweden and guests from around the world come to Växjö to enjoy good food and the Småland landscape. PM & Friends has been awarded one star in the Michelin Guide, as well as a Wine Spectator Grand Award. 

Dishwashers from Wexiödisk have been the obvious choice for the Växjö restaurant since it was established in 1992 by Per Bengtsson and Monica Karlsson. The premises which besides the world-class gastronomic experiences, consists of a a hotel, bakery and conference facilities have several dishwashers to meet the various needs of the business. 

In these times of Covid-19, hygiene is especially important, even in the dishwashing room. Avoiding touch and contact of dirty and clean dishes has become extremely important for both staff and guests. 

We talked to Per Bengtsson, owner and CEO of PM & Friends: 

-  Among others we have a hood type dishwasher WD-6 DUPLUS with a connected pre-rinse machine that saves us a lot of water and energy. But what we didn’t know is that the machine setup is just perfect from a hygiene perspective. In our kitchen we can now separate clean and dirty side in a very professional way, very hygienic says Per Bengtsson, owner and CEO of PM & Friends. 



The kitchen porter simply brings the dirty items to the washup zone and places them into the wash rack. The rack is then pushed into the PRM which automatically takes care of an outstandingly thorough pre-rinse process with reused water from the previous washing process. With the Autostart and Autohood we hardly need to touch the dirty rack. The clean side of the washing zone is several metres apart from the dirty zone, says Per Bengtsson.


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