Say yes to granules

Granules are small blue plastic pellets. The washing tank is filled with them and during the washing program they are circulated together with the water and the chemicals to remove food residue from the dishes.  

Although granules may seem small, they actually weigh more, and have more power than water. When you wash with granules there is no need to soak the goods in before the washing and the amount of chemicals can be reduced.  

However, washing heavily soiled dishes with granules means that you need to be aware of a few more things than with normal washing.


Three good advices:

1. Choose the right type of granules

2. Prepare the pot dishwasher with the right amount of granules

3. Prepare the goods by removing food leftovers

Our machines have several efficient accessories that allow different types of canteens, plates, pots, lids, etc. to be washed with good results.


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