Fake e-mails

Many companies are suffering from fraud and right now, e-mail that seems to be coming from us is circulating. In this case it is about payments.

Recently, an email account similar to ours was used to send fake mail regarding payments. Please note the following mail in your inbox:



Hope this email finds you well. We want to audit / close the book of accounting for the fiscal year ending 2019/2020 and as such, we would like to know if you / your company owes us any outstanding payments to date. If you do, how much is it and when is the payment due?
So if you haven't paid yet, kindly hold off with the payment. Please send the invoice for confirmation.
Your immediate response will be highly appreciated, please stay safe
Thank You,
Sales Receivables,
Wexiödisk AB
Mårdvägen 4
352 45 Växjö
Phone: +46 (0) 470-77 32 00