Well-reputed fast food chain selects the new combi dishwasher WD-12S

Over the past few months, Wexiödisk's new combi dishwasher has been tested and evaluated by one of Sweden's largest fast food restaurant chains. The Restaurant Manager, Joakim Franzén, was one of our main contacts and provided some great feedback as to how the WD-12S benefits their fast-paced business.


-One of the most important factors for us in our evaluation was achieving the best possible hygiene. Customers who visit us want their food quickly and expect it to be fresh and tasty. For us, it is important that we can ensure the equipment that we use for food preparation suhc as canteens and parts for the fryers are always clean. A dishwasher must also be easy to use so that all members of staff can take care of the dishes, says Joakim.


WD-12S restaurant combi dishwasher


The WD-12S is perceived as elegant and compact in its design, despite the spacious interior. The edges of the hood are bevelled and the front of the machine is free of joints.

The WD-12S is potentially one of Wexiödisk's most flexible dishwashers ever. With a simple touch, the setting changes between normal and heavy washing, but you can also choose to wash normal and heavy at the same time, in the same wash cycle. The water pressure in the spray arms is regulated individually, which makes it possible to wash dishes on the right side and pots on the left, for example.

- One of the many beneficial features for us is that the dishwasher is easier to clean because there are no surface-mounted pipes and the surfaces on the inside are smooth. In my experience, the dishwasher also fills with water quickly. With the WD-12S, everything is much simpler than before.

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Joakim Franzén, Restaurant manager