Make your dream washroom become a reality!

Ever wondered how to achieve 
the best flow in the washroom?


Since resetaurants often have a compact washroom/space, it is extra important to have products that are flexible and can be adapted to these spaces to ensure that the washroom is as efficient and ergonomic as possible.


This is how....

1. Start with a basin line. In this case, we have a basin line with a double sorting shelf. The basin line and sorting shelf are available in lengths of 600 mm and 1100 mm. The rollers make the baskets slide easily and are used to move the baskets forward in the direction of the wash. Wash baskets can be heavy with plates and crockery which is why using rollers is a good alternative to prevent wear and tear.

2. Alternatively, the basin line (600 mm) here is equipped with a shower hose. With the basin line, you can soak bulky items and extra dirty dishes and rinse them with the shower hose. 

3. If you combine basin lines 1 and 2, you get a length of 1700 mm. If the washing capacity is higher, you would benefit from placing two 1100 mm basin lines in a row to create a larger one (2200 mm) which is ideal for soaking and transporting dishes.

4. The PRM6 pre-rinse machine can replace the shower hose. The PRM pre-rinse machine is the optimum way to reduce water consumption because It reuses the water from the hood type dishwasher that is next in line.

5. A connection plane is needed between the pre-rinse machine and the hood type dishwasher.

6. The hood type dishwasher: WD-6 Duplus! If you are looking for the best environmentally friendly option, we recommend the WD-6 Duplus combined with a PRM (Pre-Rinse Machine). The auto hood and autostart functions also help to ensure an efficient and ergonomic flow in the washroom.

7. The drying table or unloading table is available in a length of 600 mm or 1100 mm and has various storage options.

Here at Wexiödisk, we have a layout to create everyone's dream washroom!





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