An overseas installation outside Madagaskar


Far far away!

Overseas at île de la Réunion - a French island of the Indian Ocean 800 km east of Madagaskar - our rack conveyor WD-241 E equipped with our pre-rinse machine PRM is being used in a high school to clean more than 800 dishes and glasses a day!

Our dealer Metos France visited the installation to do training for their local partner Sofarem, who sold and installed the installation last September.

Exceptionally efficient, the impressive PRM comes with a unique basket sensor meaning that the prewash pump is not running when the glass basket passes. Glasses are normally lightly soiled and therefore not in need of a pre-wash.


In the PRM, any remaining food waste and grease is removed before the wash basket enters the dishwasher which means that the water will stay cleaner for a longer period of time. It also allows porters to work in a far less labour-intensive way without physical strain due to less manual handling.

The PRM reduces the pre-wash water consumption by 80% in comparison to a traditional manual hand shower.

For more information regarding this installation please contact Benedicte Compere at Metos France 

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