Meet David Glover, Wexiödisk´s Country Manager UK/Ireland

1 year on from taking the reins as Wexiödisk’s UK & Ireland Country Manager, we speak to David Glover to find out how Wexiödisk is currently performing in the UK, how his career experiences are helping to shape the brand’s UK position and the changes that the company has seen over the past 12 months.


David, congratulations on 1 year at Wexiödisk! How are Wexiödisk currently performing in the UK and Ireland markets?

“Thank you for the congratulations. I can’t believe I’ve been with Wexiödisk for 1 year already; it only feels like 5 minutes ago that I was specifying Wexiödisk equipment as a dealer, and now I’m responsible for growing Wexiödisk’s UK market share and sales which I am happy to report has increased 8% in the last year, in what have been unprecedented times.

A crucial part of this success is down to the relationships formed and maintained with our network of UK & Ireland dealers.  – a network which has increased by a fantastic 20% since last year.

At Wexiödisk, we truly value our dealers and only ever work with dealers that share our brand values, always ensuring these dealers don’t conflict in locations or market sectors. Looking to the future, I hope to continue increasing our market share in the UK & Ireland and welcome any dealers that would be interested in specifying Wexiödisk warewashers to get in touch.” 


You mentioned that you have first-hand experience as a catering equipment dealer. Do you think this experience has helped you in your role with Wexiödisk? 

“I think my experience as an equipment dealer has certainly added a new dimension to my role as country manager as I not only have a deep understanding of the requirements of Wexiödisk as a manufacturer, but I also have a genuine understanding as to what dealers expect and need from their suppliers.  I know all the things that used to annoy me as a dealer, and work to ensure that I don’t cause our partners the same frustrations.”


As well as working with a number of UK dealers, Wexiödisk also work with First Choice Group and CrystalTech. Can you give us a bit more detail on how you collaborate with these UK businesses?

“As a brand with an excellent reputation, both for goods and services, it’s important that Wexiödisk partner with businesses that will not just help us to improve efficiencies in the UK, but also have exemplary reputations themselves. This why we are delighted that The First Choice Group is our UK master distribution partner.

The exclusive partnership means that First Choice Group is solely responsible for stocking and managing Wexiödisk spare parts and user manuals. We also regularly work with The First Choice Group to host dealer training events and conferences.

Another industry giant that Wexiödisk is proud to work with is Crystaltech. The reason we made Crystaltech our chosen UK warranty partner is because of their specialism in servicing warewashers. However, if a dealer would rather cover the warranty labour themselves, we will happily adapt.”

What are the key USP’s that dealers should be aware of when specifying Wexiödisk warewashers?

“Durability, sustainability and quality are three key USP’s that you can guarantee with ANY model of Wexiödisk warewasher; and now more so than ever, these three USP’s are ones that operators will be looking for - after all, a warewasher that is durable, sustainable and high quality is a recipe for long-term financial and practical success! 

The longevity of our machines is due to our commitment to use durable stainless steel, both inside and outside of our machines, wherever possible. This ties hand-in-hand with our reputation for quality. Plus, as our machines are made in-house at our innovative manufacturing facility in Sweden, we can ensure rigorous quality checks are made to each product before being dispatched to the UK. 

With sustainability being at the very core of the Wexiödisk brand, operators can likewise guarantee that they will benefit from great energy, water and chemical savings when investing in any of our warewashers – savings which can equate to thousands of pounds worth of savings.

It’s also worth noting that these amazing product credentials do not come at the expensive of a hefty price tag. In fact, many of our customers, and dealers, are shocked by the value of Wexiödisk warewashers. 

Our extensive range of warewashing solutions prove that customers no longer need to compromise on quality for the sake of price.”


David Glover 
Wexiödisk´s Country Manager, UK / Ireland