"Onboarding" - meet our new Service Manager

Thomas Olsson is employed as Wexiödisk's new Service Manager. He joined recently  from Getinge Disinfection, where he held the role of Global Educator and Product Specialist. We asked him about his introduction to Wexiödisk, his ambitions and discover more about him. 



How does the Wexiödisk "onboarding" plan go so far?

It feels good and I already think I have gained a broad insight into the whole company. It has been a good way to meet new colleagues and get an insight into their work and routines and familiarise myself with the companies different roles.


Name three characteristics that describe you? 

Positive, curious and service-oriented. 


You have now met with most of our departments. Is there anything that stands out a little extra so far?

 Yes, I am very impressed and grateful that the production managers have taken the time to show me the production processes and the work flows so thoroughly, even with the high load that currently prevails in production. A big thank you to you all! 


What is your background? 

I have a degree as a university engineer in electrical engineering and have worked as an electrical designer, technical support and with educational establishments both nationally and internationally. 


What are your visions for the service department?

It's a bit early to say yet, but I want the customer to feel that Wexiödisk is there throughout the product's entire life cycle and not just after the installation is made. I would also like to grow and develop the international service offering  without obviously neglecting the domestic market. 

What do you think about the training and education we have at Wexiödisk today?

 So far, I have only positive things to say. This week we are having rack conveyor training for Swedish service technicians and I am glad to be involved and to be learning all the time. Our new training facilities also provide great opportunities in the future to develop the trainings even further.


Is there a dishwasher or feature that you think stands out extra?

 The short washing times and the low water consumption is amazing. I am shocked by how little water is actually required to get dishes sparkling clean. I think the new WD-12S combi dishwasher looks really nice. Being able to manufacture the large stainless steel hood with such a good finish is fantastic. It's probably my favourite machine so far.


What do you do in your spare time? 

At the moment I tend to spend time on my mountain bike, but I am looking forward to when the time comes to pick up the cross-country skis again. It won’t be long now! 


Do you have a favourite dish? And, if so, do you cook it yourself? 

Italian, porcetta with a good red wine is my favourite, but only if my wife cooks it!

Favourite destination? 

I have travelled a lot in my work, so for recreation I choose to go to a summer cottage in Österlen on the Swedish coast. 
If I had to choose, it would be England and the Lake District. Lots of hiking would certainly be on the schedule. 


Are you interested in sports?

 Yes, football and above all, English football. Aston Villa is my favourite team.


What music do you listen to?

 I like music. I'm broad in my taste, but if I have to choose someone, it's the Rolling Stones or the Beatles. 


Thanks Thomas. We warmly welcome you to Wexiödisk.