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Meet our new Quality Manager

With many years of experience drawn from various industry-related companies, Anna Karlsson brings a wealth of expertise to her new role as Quality and Environmental Manager for Wexiödisk. Since joining the team a few months ago, Anna has already made her mark with her energy and knowledge allowing us to make significant progress from a strategic quality and environmental perspective.

Anna shares her perspective on her role and purpose:


"To decrease environmental footprint is essential; especially for as large a company as Wexiödisk who strive to lead the way. When it comes to our products, we are definitely on the right track! Our guiding star for the past 50 years has been that every dishwasher that we develop should be more resource efficient than the previous model -and that is a star that we will continue to follow and embed into our plans.”


Wexiödisk is always looking to grow our team with skilled people! How do you experience these first months here at Wexiödisk? 


"During my first month at Wexiödisk, I received high quality training, allowing me to get to know the company well - and of course - the people and the products. I feel very welcomed and am glad to already be included in many exciting projects. The people here are very friendly and helpful and I am looking forward to working on the the interesting and important quality questions that we will have to come.”


Welcome Anna! We are looking forward to fantastic years together.