We ask our UK Manager David Glover about the latest warewashing innovations

Over two years on from entering his role as Country Manager for UK & Ireland and still working through a pandemic, David Glover reflects on the past couple of years and the UK market: 


How are Wexiödisk performing in the UK & Ireland?

Despite the unexpected challenges for the whole industry, I am pleased to say that Wexiödisk has managed to increase market share across the UK & Ireland. I truly believe this is largely down to our strong environmental and quality credentials; after all, the importance of investing in equipment models which will last and reduce running costs is higher than ever. 

The pandemic also provided us with a unique opportunity to enter new or smaller sub-sectors. For example, when 24/7 operations such as airports, hotels and blue-chip cooperation’s completely shut down at the beginning of last year, we noticed a rise in specifications for warewashers within these sectors. This is because some businesses seized this downtime to refurbish and reinvest before operations began again.

What would you say Wexiödisk's strongest sectors are?

Within the UK, we have always been very strong from a public sector perspective, particularly within M.O.D, hospitals and schools. Over the past two years however, we have really pushed product innovations for the profit sector such as the WD-6 Glass with the tilt function and latest combi dishwasher WD-12S. These models are extremely appealing for bars and restaurants in particular, hence why demand has risen recently.

In many washrooms, a lot of time is spent on drying and polishing glassware by hand in order to ensure perfectly clean results. Our glass dishwasher range is equipped with the new Glasstilt, which causes the wash basket to angle during the final rinse cycle, allowing water to run off the outside surface of each glass and dry.

The WD-12S is quite possibly our most flexible dishwasher ever. A simple lever enables you to switch between normal dishwashing and potwashing, and you can also choose both normal dishwashing and potwashing in the same wash cycle.



What has your favourite install of 2021 been?

There have been some really brilliant installs, particularly over the 6 months. These have included installations within government facilities, leading social media hubs and fine-dining restaurants such as ‘Blue Jasmine’ Southampton. 

Blue Jasmine is an extremely high-volume operation, and can have up to 350 covers on a busy weekend. With such high numbers and a focus on pristine presentation, it was crucial to source a dishwasher that was both effective and consistent, especially due to the notoriously tricky to clean ingredients such as spices, sauces and oils. This is why the WD-12 and adjustable washing pressure made for a perfect fit as outlined in our recent case study with them:

See the case study from Blue Jasmine here.


We are looking for new UK dealers. Interested?

Within the UK, we will also be looking to grow with a number of new dealers, particularly across the North of England and Scotland where we feel collaborations would be key. If you are interested in becoming a Wexiödisk authorised dealer, then please email me at